Having worked as both a graphic designer and architectural photographer (www.jacksonbird.co.uk) for over twenty years, my work has concentrated primarily on architectural form and structure. However over recent years I have also developed a strong interest in capturing images of the natural world. Moving to the countryside in the late nineties probably brought out this aspect of my work.


Many of the images I have selected for inclusion here, the earliest of which dates from 1982, were taken on 35mm black & white negative film. Black & white photography has, most often, been my medium of choice.


Although I also use digital, I feel that use of film still retains a more precious quality (not technical quality), you can only have one original, also converting a colour digital image to black & white is not quite the same. Digital has its advantages, with no cost restraints on frame quantity it allows more creative experimentation.


Most of my work is done in the UK, I don't believe that you have to travel great distances to achieve great pictures. My photographic influences initially came from my design education, as a student in the early 1980s, probably influenced by looking at the work of the 20th century masters such as Americans Harry Callahan, Lee Friedlander, Walker Evans and for his architectural photographs, Julius Schulman.